“The gayest show ever!! Chock-full of innuendo and Pride flags. BOYS sashays right over the top in a campy 90 minutes of song, dance and skits. But, there are also some beautiful, quiet moments referencing what it's like to be gay and what is serious about our lives.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

Our BOYS Friends

    WE DID IT!!!!

So many family, friends and supporters used our IndieGoGo “fun-raising” page to help us raise the money we needed to present BOYS WILL BE BOYS at the 2013 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

We couldn’t be more grateful! We proudly acknowledge them all below

and express our deepest appreciation for their incredible generosity.

They have made our dream a reality.

THANK YOU SO MUCH...from the bottom of our hearts!!!!


Marge Champion

Karen & Chris Lometti

The Anna Sosenko Assist Trust

John Chapman

Michael Finney & Daniel LaCroix

Brian Flanagan

Alison Jones

Mary & Jim Kacmar

Peter Thambounaris & Demetrios Sengos

Associate Producers


Keith Miloscia

Shaun Taylor

Suzanne Schroeder

Cece Barros  •  Sue & Terry Campbell • William Downs  •  Derek Evan & Mike Marron  •  Craig Irvine  •  Jay Jeter  •  Amy Lehman  •  Miriam Lopez  •  Ken Majerus  •  Siobhan McDermott  •  Glenn & Irene McGinnis  •  Bob Miess  •  Erico Ortiz  • 

Robert Reicher  •  Joseph Robertson  •  Michael Ryan & Chris Houchins  • 

Robert Stanek  •  Monique & Berry Williams  •  Anthony Wood

Jean & Mike Hoyt  •  Jessica Jones  •  Andrea Turgeon

Susan Aronson  •  Patrick Breen  •  Patty Breen Kremen  •  Sharon & Geoff Cohen  •  Maureen Davis  •  Elizabeth Fallon-Culp  •  Nancy Johnson  •  Tom Kidwell  • 

Lucy Liu  •  Diane Martinson  •  Toni McGinley  •  Shanan LisaKay Tolzin  • 

Victoria Traube  •  Liz Unger

Mitch Allen & Greg Gevas  •  Arthur Bartow  •  Timothy Braun  •  Hooper Brooks  •  Maria Cole  •  Gerald Cornez  •  Karen Crawford  •  Leslie Curts  •  David Davila  •  Morrie Enders  •  Cathleen Gillingham  •  Kathleen Gorman  •  Caroline Grasso  •  John Hiolber  •  Byron Holz  •  Gary Jaffe  •  Michelle Kristel  •  Valerie MacCarthy  •  Michael Malik  •  Robert McAlpin  •  Mark McKenna  •  Deirdre Nolan  •  Bill Nolte  •  Mark Robinson  •  Charles Serafy  •  Richard Skipper  •  Gary Vena  • 

Jessica Wagner  •  Victorria Wytcherley

Anthony C. Wood

Paul Hardt, Stuart Howard & SH Entertainment

Robert J. Reicher

Robert Hoyt and The New School for Drama

Erica Schroeder

Michael Bonasio

Archley Prudent

Pera Soho

Joe Mode

Elliot Halperin

Hugh Hysell and HHC Marketing

Bill Brooks

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Mark Kate Burke, Jeremy Youett, Jacob Harvey, Mandy Berry, Matt Britten, Paige Reinis,

Christyn Budzyna, Brandon Zamudio,

Isaac Robert Hurwitz

and the entire NYMF Team

Opening Night Party Donors:

Executive Producers

Patrick Blake

Special Thanks